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We Specialize In: Tax and Mortgage Foreclosure, State and Bankruptcy Unclaimed Overages.


Our experienced personnel, at The Overage Recovery Team, have successfully helped dozens of individuals and families recover the money they never knew existed. Explore our practice areas that suit your needs.





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We have in-depth experience in our core specialties. The experienced lawyers that we chose to work with have successfully helped dozens of major corporations and businesses in many cases.

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Too Good to be True? Believe It… Because It Is True.

We audit hundreds of government agencies throughout the entire country to find these funds. Then we notify the rightful fund owners and help them to claim these excess funds, as the claim process can be complicated.

Take The right steps to Recover Your Funds

Take the proper steps, and let us fight for what is yours. Financial freedom is just around the corner for so many families, and they don’t even know it.


If there is money you are entitled to, we will help recover these funds.

Client Testimonials

The Overage Recovery Team helped me to claim funds that were my Grandmother's. I didn't know that it was even possible.
Melanie Smith
I lost everything back in 2009, my business was struggling and multiple of my clients' companies were as well. My clients had trouble paying my invoices for products, which led to my company struggling and it was one big snowball effect. I ended up closing the doors on my company. Turns out that some of the other companies that had outstanding invoices actually satisfied the debit during the bankruptcies. Turns out I had about $85,000 in unclaimed funds that my business had due back and I had no idea! Crystal with the Overage Recovery Team was so nice and informative. Such a sweet lady and the team kept me informed on what was going on with my case from the start up until the time I got the check in the mail. Thank you Crystal and the rest of the team!
Natasha Cole
I've always wanted to open a coffee shop. Jeff with the overage recovery team had been calling me for some time and I finally decided to answer. Well, I'm not going to say how much but I will say I was shocked and couldn't believe how much money they said was due back to my father and I was the only living heir..... Let's just say I didn't have to do a thing but fill out about 4 forms and couple months later, I opened a coffee shop. Literally insane, I couldn't believe it and still sometimes can't. All I can say is if you haven't answered the phone or called them back, don't wait another minute, call them! They are super nice and Jeff was extremely helpful. Thank You Overage Recovery Team!!!!!
James Donaldson
I paid off my college debt with the money that The Overage Recovery Team recovered for me. I didn't have to do anything they did all the work. Dominique was the girl that helped me and she was sooo sweet!

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