About Us

About Us

The Overage Recovery Team can help you get the money you deserve.

Foreclosure can be complex and difficult, but The Overage Recovery Team is a group specialized in recovering unclaimed funds based all across the country. If you received a call or letter from us, it is because we have found money being held by the government that may be rightfully yours.


Foreclosure refunds are real, and we help our clients claim their leftover money with NO upfront costs to them. We work side by side with multiple legal teams across the country to quickly resolve each case. Working with multiple law firms, each providing different experiences, we get to know the “ins and outs,” so to speak, of multiple state laws across the country.


If a government agency is holding your funds, we know how to recover your money! It is always best to have professionals on your side. We enjoy it when we send a check to our clients for thousands of dollars that they did not even know existed before we contacted them.

Our Mission

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